Podiums have been designed to give investors a better idea of the different business sectors our branches can have the best chance of financial success. Podiums are platforms where the best performers stand. Based upon demographic, economic and geographical studies we have found the best possible conditions and environment for YOUR VERY OWN PIC2ART to be a succesful branch and create financial freedom. This information provides us with valuable insight in the specifications needed for your your branch to succeed in its market area. We can also asses the needs, products and add-on's for your branch so that we can provide tailer made support and a focused marketing strategy. 




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PIC2ART was established in 2013. We wanted to provide a unique service and product to the South African market, by combining the ancient technique of Canvas stretching and modern Design & Printing technologies. A beautiful and artistic blend between old and new. Since then PIC2ART . . .