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About Us

PIC2ART was established in 2013. Wanting to provide unique product and service for the South African retail market, a business model was created in which the age-old Techniques of Canvas Stretching were combined with Modern Techniques of Design and Printing. A beautiful artistic blend between old and new; providing high quality canvas prints that are of superior quality, fast and efficient.

With a growing demand for imagery and photography, an ever-growing need exists for printing services that offer world class service along with a speedy turn-around time. Our business model effectively reaches a unique target market whilst offering exactly this type of service.

By virtue of first class design services, PIC2ART offers clients the opportunity to “CREATE YOUR OWN” art by translating their very memories into something of much higher value than the actual price of the product. While the beauty of art might be overlooked in the modern society, we at PIC2ART believe that we will change the world one picture at a time!